Essential podcasts: Top 6 of the GSR team


As major podcast consumers, our team thought it was finally time to share our current favourites and also share the podcasts that have marked us. Before presenting our top 6, we wanted to know the reasons for the growing popularity of this type of entertainment. We found 5 major points explaining this success:

1. A short screen break!
Who has never developed tiredness after being exposed to a screen for a long time? It's inevitable, cell phones and computers are omnipresent in our lives. We are also seeing an increased number of people around us who decides to go through a device detox. Whether you listen to your podcasts at work or in the car, it will give you a rest from the numerous screens on which we often spend a lot of time.

2. Did you use all your data this month? No problem!
Is streaming YouTube on the bus is draining your cell phone data? Podcasts have the advantage of being downloaded in advance and therefore do not depend on the WiFi network or data of your cell phone plan. However a regular household is necessary following the many downloads, otherwise, your storage will not have any free space available!

3. When the trip is long...
Want to avoid chatting with your Amigo Express passengers? Make your trip more interesting by muting your passengers with someone else speaking through your headphones. ;)

4. Multitasking!
Not having your eyes fixed to a screen allows you to divert your attention towards another task. Cleaning your dishes can be more pleasant once paired with your favourite podcast. Some podcasts, however, require a little more attention than others.

5. And... it's free!
Nothing to add!

At Sub Rosa Group, podcasts are a safe bet. Many of us listen to them regularly and tell each other about our latest discoveries.


Here is our selection of 6 podcasts, listened and approved by our team:

1. La soirée est encore jeuneThis is Émilie’s favourite podcast!
It's a Radio-Canada radio program that is broadcasted on Saturdays and Sundays from 5 pm to 7 pm. These podcasts go by very quickly, as they only make up for 4 hours a week. It is difficult to not fall in love with this show, as it features squeaky humour combining news, inside jokes and interviews of all kinds! Be careful... you might end up laughing alone on the bus and receive some confused looks from the other passengers.

2. The Heart of it
Justine has become hooked on it. Every week, blogger Estée Lalonde receives a guest and delves into the heart of themes such as feminism, activism, and identity. This is a podcast that is easily listened to and feels like part of a chat with friends. You still have time to listen to the first season before the imminent start of the second.

3. S-Town
The first season was released exactly 1 year ago and took over 3 years to complete. Brian Reed tells a story taking place in a small town in Alabama in the South of United States. This podcast, filled with twists and turns, will not cease to amaze you. This is one of the most listened podcast ever on iTunes with a record of 10 million downloads in 4 days. Definitely a team favorite.

4. TED Talks
Who has not heard of TED Talks? But did you know that there is a new podcast episode available every day? Olivier simply can't live without it. This is a must if you want to listen to free short lectures from experts in their field.

5. Section D - Monocle
Lara's favorite is this one. Everything you want to know about the world of design, fashion, and architecture, you find it in this podcast. Whether it's keeping up to date with the latest trends or listening to interviews with designers, this podcast is for you.

6. Serial
From the same producers of S-Town, Serial offers you 2 completely different seasons with really intriguing subjects. You will be immersed in captivating judicial investigations and extremely well mounted. Mégane and Johanny loved it!

To discover: Audible
We will not hide it, with all the entertainment at our disposal, it's is easy to stop reading. Many are turning to alternatives to the classic book. Amazon is surfing the popularity wave of one of these alternatives, audiobooks, and offers tons of books on the Audible app.

Like Netflix, you need to have a monthly subscription, in this case for just $ 14.99. This subscription gives you access to a free audiobook per month. If you want to listen to more than one book a month, you can buy books that are 30% cheaper than the regular price.


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