Summary of WAQ 2018


Behind the scenes of the largest digital event of the year!

WAQ (Web à Quebec) 2018 was an absolute favourite for Émilie, who volunteered in their communications team. She had the opportunity to attend many conferences and to work behind the scenes in this event. This spring event is a must in Quebec City.

Here, she talks about her experience during the event!



What is WAQ?

WAQ, in brief, is 7 themed rooms where short but dynamic conferences are held on topics surrounding digital, more specifically, web. You’ll find something interesting regardless if you’re a programmer, a marketer, a designer or if you’re an all-around fan of anything digital.

For their 8th edition, the event welcomed over 1500 guests. This included a fair share of people coming outside the Quebec region, such as a French delegation of over 100 people.

The WOW Effect

Those 3 days at WAQ were held at Espaces Dalhousie with a magnificent view of the St.Lawrence alongside Quebec City’s harbour. Upon arrival, I was immediately amazed by the decor and ambiance: hammocks, couches, garlands of lights, gourmet stations, mini camping and… a LOT of coffee!




#EAUmyGOD ... Which water do you prefer? 

#EAUmyGOD... Which water do you prefer? 


Brand Activation, or the Art of Creating a Successful Association
An important aspect brought up from the event that sparked mine and the participants’ curiosity was the different brand activations.

Creating a successful association with an enterprise is not always easy. A big shout out to the WAQ team who met their partner’s values while staying on task and humorous.

I particularly enjoyed the Ixmedia water dispensers! ;)



Volunteers x WAQ
The WAQ works with over 100 volunteers helping out during all 3 days of the event and an established team working throughout the year at various levels to ensure the success of this event.

I had the opportunity to be a part of the communications team to help them successfully share key moments from the conferences. I had a great time with a very pleasant team!

Part of the communication volunteer team!

Part of the communication volunteer team!


The complete conference of Rand Fishkin is  here .

The complete conference of Rand Fishkin is here.

Favourite Conferences
The conferences that cannot be missed are, without a doubt, the ones held in the Keynote room. The conferences are short and sweet, making us want another one to dive deeper in each subject.

Due to my interest in SEO, I was impatiently waiting for Rand Fishkin, the cofounder of MOZ. Fiskin is very charismatic and even took the time to hand out a copy of his book to those who attended the conference. A book was hidden under every chair!

To remember:

  • There are many opportunities in 2018 when it comes to SERP features (Non-traditional organic results on a search engine results page). The most common SERP features tend to be: research snippets, paid results, universal results and knowledge graph results.

  • Entreprises should keep in mind that Google is ready to lose a lot of short-term revenues for longer research habit revenues.

Simon King

Simon King

Simon King from IDEO gave a conference on A/B, Creativity or Design: Deciding How to Make Product Decisions, which I enjoyed as well.

I appreciated his presentation on the interrelation of data analysis, creativity and design as well as when and how to start a creative process.

King also went over the “Design Thinking Steps” which can be summed up in these 5 points:

1. Begin with people
2. In-context observation
3. Empathy building
4. Rapid prototyping
5. Diverge and converge



Cocktail Hour
The WAQ is known for their themed parties, festive suppers, funky bars, microbrewery beers and for the networking opportunities throughout the evening!

I had a great time and highly recommend you to participate or volunteer at this event. See you next year!

Click here to find several conferences that were presented throughout the event.

Giant Jenga!

Giant Jenga!



Finally, look at these gourmet stations… I know, it’s amazing! ;)


ÉMILIE LAVOIE  Account Coordinator

Account Coordinator

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